Extensometer 200XR

Strain Analysis


The electro-optical Extensometer Model 200XR contactlessly measures the motion of two black-and-white edges (targets) on a sample. The analog output signal is proportional to the strain. The frequency range of Model 200XR amounts to 0 – 250 kHz. The integrated viewer and the two liquid crystal displays simplify the performance of the adjustments required for the setup of the instrument; the viewer also allows observing the black-and-white edges on the sample while measuring takes place. Lens units with different measuring ranges of 1 mm - 500 mm can be mounted to Model 200XR by means of a flange. The calibration of the lens units results in an output voltage Δl of ±10V for the range of strain.

There is the option of delivering the 200XR with a switch to toggle between the two measuring axes; this allows using the instrument also as Biaxial Extensometer 200XR in order to measure strain in either vertical or horizontal direction.

The standard gauge length lo is 75 mm. A continuously adjustable gauge length of 1 mm up to 125 mm can be established by gauge length adapters mounted to the lens units.


 Datasheet 200XR  request (PDF 339 kB) 


Video 200XR:


Measurement on high rate testing machine: high speed tensile test at 1000 degree Celsius.


Contactless Measurement with Extensometer 200XR during a material test on the Split-Hopkinson-Bar.

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