Displacement Transducer 100R

High Velocity Motion Analysis


The Electro-optical Displacement Transducer Model 100R contactlessly measures the motion of a black-and-white edge (target). The analog output signal is proportional to the motion of the target within the frequency range of 0 - 250 kHz. Viewer and integrated display simplify the performance of the adjustments required for the setup of the instrument; the viewer also allows observing the black-and-white edge while its motion is measured. Lenses with different measuring ranges of 0.2 mm – 20 m can be mounted to Model 100R by means of a flange. The calibration of the lenses results in an output voltage of 10V (±5V) for the individual measuring range.

With an autocollimator adapter mounted to the Displacement Transducer 100R fast angular motions of a front surface mirror can be measured.


The BAM published an article entitled "Leakage Testing during Lateral Displacement of Metallic Seals under Mechanical Accident Impact" also reffering to Model 100R: Please see Bam.de


 Datasheet 100R  request (PDF 339 kB) 


Video 100R:

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