Digital Extensometer ZS 128

Strain Analysis


With 4673 measurements per second and a resolution of 1:128000 the digital Extensometer ZS 128 electro-optically measures strain on samples. The digital sensors guarantee high stability and maintenancefree operation. The immediate delivery of calibrated values takes place during dynamic as well as endurance tests. The ZS 128 is able to perform measurements of strain on material hot up to 3000° C.

Option: Measurement on max. 8 black-and-white markings per channel in order to detect the strain distribution on samples.


With two synchronized channels Model ZS 128 is able to measure strain of up to some hundred percent. By means of the exchangeable lens units the measuring range can be easily adjusted to the strain. The calibration data for each lens unit is stored in the ZS 128 and will be automatically activated when the lens unit is mounted to the extensometer. Standard lens units have a gauge length l0 of 75.0 mm. By means of various gauge length adapters in front of the lens units the gauge length can be adjusted from l0 = 10 mm to l0 = 500 mm. For recording, calibrated measuring signals for Channel A (+/-10V), Channel B (+/-10V), and the Strain Signal Δl (+/-10V) are available at the analog output.


High-contrast edges are vital for the measurement. While measuring with front light illumination a high-contrast painted mark (black/white) is required. For measuring with rear light illumination projecting edges, boreholes, and notches are suitable. Special lens units and illuminators allow measurements on material hot up to 3000°C. The integrated viewer simplifies the adjustment of the extensometer to the target (edge) on the material sample and allows viewing the target during the measurement.


By means of the two LCDs the illumination of the measuring range can be controlled. The measuring value for Δl is displayed with a digital voltmeter. The offset potentiometer allows the setting of the measuring signal Δl to 0.00V before the measurement takes place.


Further Characteristics ZS 128

  • Measuring ranges: 2 - 1000 mm
  • Measuring distances: 40 mm - 10 m
  • Resolution: 0.0016 %
  • Scan rate: 4673/s


 Datasheet ZS 128  request (PDF 339 kB) 


 Video ZS 128:

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