Diameter Monitor 460R/2

Contactless Diameter Monitor


The portable electro-optical diameter monitor Model 460R/2 contactlessly monitors the diameter of a wire or a non-transparent fiber. The measuring range is 2 mm. The analog output signal is proportional to the diameter of the measured object. Due to its high transmission bandwidth the instrument can be used even at high drawing speed such as 10000 m/min. and with lateral motions of up to 500 m/s.

Since Model 460R/2 does not contain any mechanically moving parts, there is almost no wear and need of maintenance. The instrument consists of a sensor head with integrated optics and electronics. A slide-out dust shield protects the optics from dirt.

Via a cable of 2 m length Model 460R/2 is connected to a control unit operated by a rechargeable battery. The integrated LCD can either display the measuring value in mm or the voltage of the battery. The instrument is delivered in a transportation case.

Option: Model 460R/4 for diameter monitoring of fibers and wires in a measuring range of 4.000 mm.

Model 460R/2 as well as Model 460R/4 can be used for position monitoring of the edge of a ribbon or tape. Each model can be delivered with a calibration unit.

 Datasheet 460R  request (PDF 339 kB) 

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