Autocollimator AC 1010

Angle Measurement in two Axes


During on-and-off-the-road tests, mounted to a vehicle, the Autocollimator Model AC 1010 serves the purpose of measuring the steering/toe-in and the camber angle (x, y) of a wheel without contacting it. A firmly installed CCD line scan sensor with integrated lens system produces digital measuring signals, which are delivered as analog measuring values (x, y). Since the calibration data is stored in an E-PROM within the autocollimator, no intricate work is required to prepare the measurement; only a mirror mount with a target mirror has to be mounted to the wheel and aligned; this can be done easily by making use of the autocollimator’s digital display.

The very robust measuring system is located in an aluminum casing fabricated from a solid metal block. The integrated semiconductor light source guarantees extremely long serviceability without maintenance. Two digital liquid crystal displays allow fast and precise adjustment of the pan tilt head to the desired initial position for the measurement. Up to four autocollimators, each with a cable of 5 m, can be connected to a control unit supplied with 12 V, DC by the car battery.


For mounting the autocollimators to a vehicle, stable scaffolding consisting either of laminated epoxy resin and aluminum tubes, or of glass fiber-reinforced and aluminum tubes, can be offered. Additionally there is the possibility of mounting Laser Distance Sensors Model LDS 300, which are used for noncontacting distance measuring between vehicle and road surface, to the scaffolding. If the AC 1010 is equipped with the Servo Pan Tilt Head Model AC 1010/7 steering angles of up to ±25° can be measured.


 Datasheet AC1010  request (PDF 339 kB) 


Video AC1010:

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