2-Axis Displacement Transducer 200R

High Velocity Motion Analysis


Measurement of Displacement (x, y)

The electro-optical displacement transducer model 200R contactlessly and simultaneously measures rapid motions in x and y of a circular or rectangular target. Also the differential motion of two targets on a sample within the measuring range can be measured in one direction (y). Lenses with different measuring ranges of 1 mm to 20 m can be mounted to model 200R by means of a flange. The analog output signals for x and y are proportional to the motion of the target within the frequency range of 0 – 200 kHz. The integrated viewer and the liquid crystal display simplify the performance of the required adjustments; the viewer also allows observing the target while a measurement takes place.


Biaxial Measurement of Strain

For very rapid biaxial measurement of strain in material testing two models 200R are mounted side by side in order to form an extensometer. Measurement on specimens in test chambers can be performed through glass windows; suitable illuminators allow measuring on such samples having temperatures of up to 3000°C.


Angle Measurement (x, y)

With an autocollimator adapter and a collimator lens mounted to the electro-optical displacement transducer 200R fast angular motions of a front surface mirror can be measured in two axes.


Characteristics of the 200R

Measuring ranges: 0.2 m – 10 m
Measuring distances: 50 mm – 100 m
Resolution: max. 0.01 %
Band width: 200 kHz


 Datasheet 200R  request (PDF 339 kB) 

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